Out total expenses add up to roughly Rs.16 lacs per month. We spend Rs. 6 lakhs on fodder, Rs. 5 lakhs on hay, Rs. 5 lakhs on wages and towards medicines, ambulance, office maintenance, electricity and misc. expenses.

We have no government assistance or permanent source of income. Our funding is only through contributions from kind hearted donors, animal lovers and philanthropists. The cost of feed, medicines and wages of the labourers have skyrocketed and we are finding extremely difficult to manage on all fronts.There was as a serious financial crunch in June 2016 when some cows were even on their deathbeds. Frantic messages through Whatsapp and other social media brought us money to settle our pending bills to tide over the crisis temporarily.

  • Rs.6,500 per day. On any special day, you can order green feed for the 700 and odd cows in our goshala. It is a treat to watch the gomathas feasting on their favourite green grass.

  • One load of straw costs 11,000/- and we need about 2 loads every day or 60 loads every month. You can either sponsor alone or with your friends or relations .

  • At Rs.1500 per month, you will take care of the fodder expenses of one go matha. You can either pay every month by standing instruction to your bank or pay Rs.18000 at a time for one year expenses. Here also you can pool with your close relatives and adopt as many cows as possible.

  • We engage 70 workers who work day and night to take care of our gomathas and our daily expenses on this account are Rs.20,000.00 .

  • One bag of orid dhall husk /flakes/nice of 50 kgs costs Rs.1000 and we buy about 500 bags of fodder every month. You can sponsor as many bags as possible.

  • NRI donors can send if they so prefer equivalent of US$ 1000 one time towards corpus fund and the interest from such deposits (approx. Rs.6000 ) can be spent for one day feeding of any of the above sevas, every year on your specified special day.

  • Donors can send the form detailing their seva interest and amount so that we will record and do needful on such specific dates.

We thank our volunteers and regular donors who go out of the way to help and strengthen the hands of Dr Sadhana Rao who is doing a great service to the Gomathas even at the age of 71, with her own ailments , and living permanently at the cattle shed along with her cows.

We need more donors,especially regular monthly donors to manage our mounting bills so that we can do service to the Gomathas on your behalf.