• The Indian Institute of Animal Welfare was founded by Dr.S. Shankardev , Dr.G. Sadhana Rao and Sri K.M. Padmanabhan. It was registered as a public charitable Trust u/s 11 of the Income tax Act, 1961 on 30.10.1988.

  • The goshala at Venkatspuram is situated on a 7-acre land given to us on free long lease by Capt. R. Muralidharan who is also a Trustee of Indian Institute of Animal Welfare. Venkatapuram in Uthukkottai Tk., Thiruvallur Dt. is 70 kms from Chennai.

  • The goshala currently has 700 cows + 100 bulls, calves, buffaloes + 50 dogs, goats, ducks, cats

  • There are 60 workers, some from north India and some from surrounding villages to look after the cows.

  • The number of cows are increasing as many donors want to donate the cows only to our goshalas as they see, that they get the best care.

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